Why is it so special?

A good investement

The sunny Algarve in Portugal has long been a favorite for tourists from all over the world. But why is Algarve property such a good investment?

There are many good reasons why the incredible southern coastline of Portugal attracts millions of visitors and investors each year: the fantastic climate, the good food, the stunning beaches, and warm, clear water, just to name a few. It’s these enduring qualities that make Algarve property such a great investment.

The Algarve was yet again named the best place for retirement living by Forbes magazine, highlighting this Southern Region for its amazing living conditions that attract those that wish to enjoy their golden years in the sunshine. Life in the Algarve could be the pinnacle of anyone’s life. Sunshine filled days with healthy and affordable cuisine, a stable and safe living, history and traditions to discover and a well-connected local airport.

Benefits to investing in the Algarve property market are twofold. Firstly, the market is inherently robust and has surprisingly weathered the pandemic well. Much growth is forecast for the area. And secondly, the lifestyle that comes with living in the south of Portugal is made for a peaceful retirement. The sun, surf and vibrant local culture are all a part of what makes life here so enticing. The Algarve luxury real estate market has shown guarantees of a steady and resilient market for many years and, for the time being, the pandemic has shown very little impact on lowering prices. Even though the national data may show some vulnerabilities, the European average (7.8% compared to 5%) housing prices have been on the rise in recent months, according to Eurostat. This analysis also places Portugal as the fifth highest growing country in Europe.

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